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Lauren Kendall was born August 8, 1976, in Burlingame, CA, to her mother, a freelance writer, and her father, an accountant. From a very early age, Lauren showed not only an affinity for music and performing but a talent for it as well. She particularly used to like (and still does), Man of La Mancha, and would dance and sing to her mom’s recording of it to entertain her family.

By the fifth grade, she began playing the flute. By the seventh grade, she began learning the cello. She taught herself the keyboard along the way and is still always working to improve her skills.

By her junior year of college, which Lauren spent in England, it dawned on her that what she wanted to do was perform for a living and write her own music. She had been classically trained as a developing mezzo-soprano under Carol Gutknecht at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. Now, she wanted to combine the classical with the popular and develop her own music, her own style.

Before the end of her senior year, she had finished a few songs, in particular “Song in Dreams,” which gained its name from a close friend during a campus radio interview. Her friends Hannah, on piano, and Jennifer, on cello, performed the song with her in a regional talent show, judged by Broadway legend Carl Anderson. They won first place. With such encouragement, Lauren continued to compose.

Lauren moved to Richmond, VA, where she got a steady day job at a company called BrainTrain and acted in several plays. Her two favorite roles were Leah in Beautiful Thing and Ado Annie in Oklahoma. Finally, in December of 2001, she began working with Dusty Wilson on recording her album of mostly original material in an old house in the historic Church Hill area of Richmond. Recording was completed in a few weeks, mixing in a few months after that, and by May 2002, when was complete. She debuted it at the Mid-Atlantic Beltane Festival that year, the first weekend of May.

Lauren Kendall is currently working on material for a second album. She was briefly part of a band called Revel Moon, where she got to perform at really cool places, like when they headlined the Massachusetts Pagan Pride Day Festival in September 2003.




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